Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cardiac Peppers

Sometimes, you come across amazing wonders of nature, during routine events like chopping vegetables.

One such, appeared when I was chopping red peppers for a for a vegetable stir fry.

A heart, complete with its chambers, and assorted jutting arteries, fell out of the innards of the red pepper.

Surgeries,  agonizing cries from the mother pepper,  and then a quiet coming to terms with what life had dealt it.

Life, what is left of it, must go on. An experience,   immensely hot and stirring,  immersed in pasta.....

Presumed healthy
she peered from the basket,
nudged by
her yellow and green cousins,
all pondering
about their pastaical future.

A sharp incision,
and uncapping
and a sudden emergence
of an open heart,
complete with
arteries reaching out
to the main pepper body
now all howling and red inside.

A slow quietening,
a turning over
to accept what life has dished out,
and she sits
for one last time
beside the
surgically traumatised
open heart.

There's is just to
grow, bloom, smile,
occasionally cry,
and then submit, helplessly,
to a hot afterlife
amidst Life's Greedy Pastas.....

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