Monday, April 14, 2014

The Pencil of Life

We often hear people say, "God is in everything around you".   They probably mean, that there is a teacher in everything around you. No matter how insignificant the thing may be.

Like even a pencil.  That has lessons for us in the way it lives it's life.

My friend Braja Sorenson   , of Mayapur , West Bengal,  wrote this post  "Existential Crisis or Just a Bad Day". 

Which was so much about  life events shaping us , teaching us , as opposed to being simply stuff we react to . The BIG difference between then and now.

Sometimes one's response happens in the form of free verse. 

Well ensconced
in the cylindrical hexagonal wood,
the graphite sits,
sometimes exposed,
sometimes working,  
sometimes sharp
sometimes broken in the course of living.

Life sharpens it
from time to time,
sometimes individualistically
through blades of experience,
and sometimes
through a mechanical tumult
turning full circles.

The best pencil is the one,
that knows,
that in its shortening there is growth,
and at the end of the day,
it needs to pay attention
to what is written,
how it is written,
and when it is time to get sharp again…..

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