Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Electoral Oreos

Digitised life has meant that ordinary daily activities become special. 

So while , back in my younger days, we quietly slurped up our non-fancy  khichdi, thalipeeth, chapati  breakfast, today, someone, like my young friend Ratandeep Dhody,  is so overcome by a Strawberry Oreo  relaxing amidst wheatflakes-in-milk, that he clicks before he eats.

As someone who frowns on things like Oreo,   the electoral times in which we live,  and the blatant violation of the election Code of Conduct by Big Candidates,  it is but natural that some words come to mind, to teach the Oreo,. what else, but a lesson ......

The electorate is happy, Ratandeep is happy.......    :-)

Cracked, hard edged
junta wheat flakes,
taking a well deserved break

in the milk of
electoral kindness,
and a pink creamy
chocolatewalla leader type
arrives suddenly with a chamcha
"Suniyo, mai Oreo....
Vote for me ...."

And one alert Sardar
points out
the violation
due to Election Code of Conduct
the Oreo dissolves in shame
and gets slurped up,
as the wheat flakes
whoop it up
in the milk
Yeh to Apni Apni Party hai !

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