Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Keeping her own counsel.....

Sometimes, simple visuals end up making a telling comment on the state of the ordinary man when faced with folks begging for votes.

And every time there are rumours of the clout and power of so and so's.  Except nobody makes a statement. When it all gets too much, Luci Shail , below, tells you how to handle it.

Luci Shail of Thiruvanantapuram, who has her own blog and chronicler, is a very politically astute and aware dog. She also revels in power and control. But  even for her, it is sometimes too much....

So many states,
so many elections,
so many candidates,

so many goodies,
so many fibs and lies.

an election code of conduct,

keen observers
wrapped in apolitical shawls
have seen so much
that they need to
stuff something
in their mouths
to keep their observations
to themselves.....


  1. Replies
    1. Yes. A younger soulmate from Thiruvanantapuram.... :-)

  2. There are a lot of politicians that would look better and be more useful with something like this stuffed in their mouths!! I love it!

    1. Sylvia, I guess that is one thing that remains unchanged regardless of country !