Friday, October 10, 2014

Vote For ......!

Certain technical individuals with a digital bent of mind,recently posted an opinion comparing and extolling the similarity of lasagna with biryani.

While their architectural proclivities may bias them towards stuff constructed in slabs, it is imperative that we restore lasagnas and biryanis ,  to the positions they were intended to be in.

In this season of elections in my state in India, it really is about how to vote.

As below.

So many ingredients
doing snaan**  in sauce,
sacrificing their individuality

to a life
of dryly stewing
and being covered with
a towel of maida***;
again and again and again.

And the lah de dha cheese
in fake
melting streaky tears,
showing up in a grand hot finale
at the Convention.

Give me
presumably ugly looking
masala elaichis****,
free spirited tej pattas*****,
lip curling cinnamon pieces
black minded but faithful peppers.
They live in freedom
mingling with the bit of dahi,
with veggies of the day,
populating a fragrant ricey crowd,
occasionally adorned
with saffron strands,
and proletarian crisp onion strips.

A cool young Raita
to give the Nomination Speech,
and the Biryani erupts
in a festival
of taste, color, and satiation,
its individual members,
looking up at the world
and saying,
"Yes we can ! Yes , we can !".

Like I said, Nothing Technical.

All about how you vote.

** snaan ~ sanskrit word for bath
*** maida ~ all purpose refined flour with zero nutrition 
*****elaichis ~ cardamoms
*****tej patta ~ bay leaves

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