Thursday, November 19, 2015

Dosa Ki Baat .....

They say, You are what you Eat .

Jokes about being a rotund Gulabjamun apart,   there is much that food teaches us .

My friend Shail Mohan of Thirivananthapuram,  sat down for breakfast this morning, and clicked and posted this .   The objective might have been to make a few people feel terrible about having oatmeal ,  or some others stop and pine for this while taking sips of sugarless tea  watched by a dry humorless toast.

Actually, like the filter coffee on the side indicated,  there is a deeper meaning.  

In a world
where hot griddles
never know
what will befall them,
and good middle class
fermented types
are in their element
displaying dimples
as they
spread themselves
with alacrity in circles,
with pale golden makeup,
it helps
to realize that
the world is made up
so many
different types.

Staid, conservative,
dal folks,
in cohabitation with
the respected coconut types,
making allowances for
red chilly and garlic makeup,
sometimes gatecrashed
by onions,
all pretending to be

And then
there are the
red hot tomatowala
fiery types,
crushingly chilly hot,
tempered a bit
and tangling in heat
with age old tamarind wisdom,
making plans for
a bottled future
in an oily space somewhere,

The wisdom lies
in making both feel wanted,
and an ideal dosa
will make each feel special,
while quietly working
conquering a sambaar.

Dosa Politics.
Wisdom of the day.

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