Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sthitpradnya Bozo....

This has been a season for amazing changes in the two blogger dogs that I know.

Luci Shail, of Thiruvananthapuram, one of the most active, frisky, strongwilled and determined dogs, has suddenly become  aware that she is now a teenager, has calmed down, and thinks things out before reacting. I wrote about this here , after recently meeting her.

And now there is Bozo, Mumbai's senior blogger dog, who has seen a lot of the world, and thanks to peering over books, listening to prayers and discussions, and  watching programs on visual media,  he is slowly becoming  what most old folks should be, but are unable to be.  

A sthitpradnya.  He often makes a great effort to look inwards, as they say , in the face of a situation , where there are delicious smells emanating from the Amembal kitchen . 

His mentor and chronicler, Deepak, clicked him in one of his stithpradnya moments ..

He has been through it all.

Thrill, Hankering,
anger, jealousy,
and mean thoughts
about Desert Stormes
hiding in the garage.

But unlike her,
he reads, observes and learns.

In a world
where so many lose good sense
while chasing power,
and redefine truth,
he is a shining example
of how an elder should be.

by dear ones going away,
across the seas,
balanced when faced
with yummy things in life,
and forgiving
of those on 2 wheels ,
who fire and roar
and know not what they do,
he now has complete control
over his senses,
the sign of a true Sthitpradnya.

But sometimes,
just sometimes,
the smell of a dosa is
just too much.

And he has learned
to turn his face away
with great determination
and strength
and wait for his proper mealtimes. 

a role model
for dogs on the Web.

And then one wonders,
why only dogs ?


  1. Oh, yes! Indeed!!
    Hope you're enjoying a great weekend!!

    I surely am as I've become a grandmother for the first time in my 83 years!! Thank you for all the lovely things you have done for me and my blog!!


    1. Mighty Congratulations to the new Grandma ! Hope you are having a lovely time !

  2. Great Suranga! Congratulations Sylvia!