Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Last Omelette Dance

You can take me out of Pune, but you cannot take Pune out of me.  This from someone born, brought up in Pune, and who went to college  in the Deccan area, and has seen popular eating places and hangouts , change hands over the years.

This one has not.

My friend Shakti Salgaonkar, just posted this capture of a Omellete Pav Sandwhich she probably had at an early morning breakfast  in Pune's  Cafe Goodluck at Deccan.  A traditional Irani place, having catered to at least 3 generations of folks , from a time, when anything beyond East Street, Parvati,  Pune Station, and University was considered "out of town" .  

Sometimes, you see a photograph and  feel full . This was one of those days.

डेक्कन वरच्या सकाळच्या थंडीत ,
टेनिस खेळून येणारी
शुभ्र कपडे परिधान केलेली
मध्यम वयीन मंडळी ,
आणि टेकडी वरून खाली उतरून,
वैशाली च्या नाकावर टिच्चून
तिला भेटायला येणारी
"गुडलक गुडलक"
म्हणणारी  बाकीची .

सोनेरी गाउन  वर
कांद्याचे स्वारोव्स्की ,
आणि पुणेरी
मिरची कोथिम्बिर बुट्टे,
आणि घेर सांभाळत ,
चाय च्या वाफा चुकवत ती येते,
पावाच्या मिठीत शिरते ,
आणि उन्हाच्या
खिडकीतून येणार्या
कवडस्याच्या ताज्या उजेडात
तिचा आयुष्याचा  शेवटचा फॉक्सट्रोट
सुरु होतो….

Early misty
Deccan winter mornings,
middle aged
voluble  champions
in tennis whites
aggregating there
along with
those having descended the Tekdi,
having cocked a snook
at Vaishali
"Good Luck , Good Luck" .

And she arrives,
a vision
in a golden gown,
studded with Onion Swarovski
mixing happily with
Puneri Mirchi Kothimbir Buttaas,
managing the spread
amidst vapours of the tea,
only to enter
into the arms of a Pav.

Amidst sunrays
streaming intermittently
through an old glass window
she must now begin
to dance
the last Foxtrot
of her life......

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