Sunday, January 17, 2016

Bozoical Mann Ki Baat .....

Bozo, Mumbai's blogger dog , is quiet these days.

It has  been exciting, in the midst of the whole family,  getting together again for some great events,  and meeting best friends all over again.

But  age and observation has mellowed him , and he has learned that every coming, is followed by a going away.  What remains constant , is him. 

He doesn't say much, but you can see it in his eyes.  Missing folks, yes. But then the need of the hour is to be with the older folks back home, and relive the memories, and wait for happier times again ......

I grew up with them.

I would strain my ears
to hear their footsteps
as they rushed home from school.

Then I grew up
with some others
in the family.

I stood
with their parents
and grandma,
as one by one
they left
to make their lives
beyond the seas.

In our world,
we don't just grow up,
we mature .

I am now amongst those,
much older folks,
once again strain their ears
to hear the footsteps
of the children,
as they leave a house
to go to another house,
and wonder when
they will return again.

It is not an Empty House Syndrome.

It is
Remember-the-Good-Times   Syndrome....