Thursday, March 10, 2016

DIPSR, New Delhi !

I have a friend in Delhi who grows , among other things, strawberries in pots in her garden.   Naturally,  she keeps track of their growth, and the environment, and lately  it has come to her attention that someone seems to be taking bite size tastes/tests  of the fruit .  

Pale pink strawberries in their teenage  are a big draw  for the birds, and one wondered why so many fruits are huddling to one side of the pot.

Could it be that the bird beak bite triggers cytokines (the original messaging system in bodies of living beings before SMS's and Whatsapp), and relays advice throughout the plant, about mobilizing for an excellent sweet adult strawberry harvest?

My friend isn't overly concerned.  The birds and squirrels are to be preferred.

 In an age when  torn clothes elicit horror unless some mindless entity deliberately tears jeans and sells it as fashion successfully,   in this garden, a bird pecked strawberry wins against monsantoized fruit....

The Shabri Bird.

Direct Involved
Pecking Sweetness Research,
(DIPSR )** at the correct time
so the plant cytokines
may spread the word
to the younger
developing lot,
on how to be
a wonderful strawberry,
confident and comfortable
in its own sweetness
unlike those who follow
commercial standards.....

The plant probably listens ,
unlike us
who ignore the Shabris of our life.

** DIPSR : in a city full of acronimized central institutions , I thought this fitted in rather well  :-)


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