Saturday, March 5, 2016

To Give is Divine ....

My friend , Nutsure Satwik , just posted this amazing capture  of  communication between ordinary types and Gods.

At a time, when allegiances to "Gods" change at the drop of a hat or a jingle in the pocket,  there is much to learn from those in nature, who have not evolved , like us  so called, advanced humans .

It isn't really about dealing with a power;  It is about making a heartfelt simple offering ....   no strings attached.

 Photograph titled  तेरे पूजन में ,  by Nutsure Satwik.

कितीतरी देव, कितीतरी भक्त ,
काही लांब पल्ल्याचे , काही तात्पुरते,
काही शक्तीशाली प्रबळ ,
काही खास लोकाग्रहास्तव , काही स्वयंघोषित ,
काहींचे पायाशी लोटांगण ,
देण्या घेण्याचे हिशोब आणि नवस,
आणि कान आणि डोळे बंद ठेवण्याची
अद्भुत कला .

आणि मग एका हिरवाईत
आजच्या पर्यावरणात बुडलेला ,
फ़ळाफ़ुलात वसलेला ,
आजूबाजूच्या जगाचे निरीक्षण करणारा
एक शेंदूर संपन्न बाप्पा ,
आणि स्वतह्साठी काहीही न मागता
बाप्पाला द्यायचे ते गोडच असावे
प्रत्येक अन्नाची चव घेउन ,
पूजा अर्पण करणारे शबरी पक्षी .

ओरबाडून घेणार्याना , हे देणे कसे समजणार ?
 So many Gods,
so many devotees ,
of so many persuasions.

Some long term,
some temporary,
some raging strong
some by popular demand,
some self appointed.
Much falling at feet,
strict accounting of give-and-take,
sometimes mannats,
and the amazing ability
to keep ears and eyes
conveniently shut.

And then ,
somewhere deep
in the greenery of life,
reveling in the environment,
flowering and fruiting,
a vermilion deity
watching it all go by;
And to one side,
a Shabri Bird,
offering food to Him,
as pooja,
only after tasting it
to confirm
that it is sweet.

Those that grab and collect
will never understand ,
will they ?

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