Monday, August 8, 2016

A "Jaata" goes to London जातं निघालं लंडनला

While most of us today consider readymade flours as a sign of development , and some visit chakkis where the flour gets heated under heavy duty grinding, there are some like my friend Preeti Deo,  who realize how there is an optimum ideal speed at which grains which are being ground, give their nutritional best .

Most of us have seen these grinding wheel sets (called  जातं) in our houses in our childhood.  Preeti just got one made especially for her, of a size easy to transport in a bag, across the seas. It isn't easy. (Ask me. I didn't fly, but lugged a huge chutney stone belonging to my mother's kitchen, in a shoulder bag, by train from Pune, and thence by a crowded Central Railway second class local train. Years ago. )

It takes a lot of will,  scheduling abilities , and  belief in traditional methods to do all this.   Preeti has a lot of that, and here's wishing her the very best of fulkas, bhakris, modaks, thalipeeths , dhirdees , etc  !

Sometimes , it also results in verse.


PC : Preeti Deo

राणीच्या देशातले गहू
न राहवून, बंद पिशवीतून
बाहेर पडायच्या प्रचंड प्रयत्नात ,
चण्याची डाळ फणकारून
ज्वारी तांदूळ लोकांना बजावून
क्यू मध्ये येण्याची आठवण करते ,
नाचणी, वरी, राजगिरा मंडळी
"मेरा नंबर कब आयेगा ?" च्या अविर्भावात
फळीवर उभी .

जगात , पहिल्यांदाच ,
लेडी प्रीती-इन-वेटिंग, च्या सामानातून
टाकीचा ठोके-मुकुट लाऊन
"महाराणी जाते" चा
समुद्रापलीकडे प्रवास
आणि जरूर पडल्यास
हिथ्रोला वापरायला एक दांडा .

पूर्वी लोक प्रायश्चित्त करायची.
आता तर मेतकूट , भाजणी आणि कुळथाचं
पीठ करतात..... !
 Tory grains of wheat,
(the farmers are the Labour Party),
straining at the edge
of a bag,
to emerge and rush in;
A bossy Chana Daal
bullying the
Jowar and Rice grains
and forcing them
to come in a queue;
then the proletarian millets,
Barnyard, Finger and Amaranth,
patiently waiting
their turn
on a kitchen shelf.

For the first time,
in the world,
a "Jaata" Stone Grinder Wheel,
after its Coronation,
with a Taki Crown,
making its way to the UK,
with the Lady-in-Waiting,
Lady Preeti.

An official Danda,
joins them,
for use at Heathrow
if needed.

Thousands of moons ago,
those travelling thus
had to perform penance
to atone for their
travel .

Today ,
they simply perform miracles
like Metkut,Bhaajani, and Kuleeth Peeth ....

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