Thursday, August 18, 2016

Udta Batman.....

It is a  truth, universally acknowledged, that constantly running with handlewala wooden pieces between 22 yards, might inculcate , in the concerned sports persons,  a desperate urge to break out and run miles, fling javelins,  shoot targets,  kick balls, heave hefty balls with bare hands, leap over hurdles, wrestle with sledging opponents, and perhaps do somersaults over bars instead of on the green. 

Perhaps, in this photograph below ,  our Cricket Capt.  Kool ,  is trying to send a message. 

(I always thought there was too much cricket going on , anyway......)

They leap,
They tumble,
They run,
They jump
They dive,
They crash,
They slide,
They swing,
They fling,
They spin
(though not themselves)...

Perhaps it indicates
an inborn desire
to Olympisize.

Here is a javelin throw
by someone
considered Captain Cool .

And the red cherry,
hanging around near the
nudges the bails ,
and says ,
"Aiiyo ! Udtaa "Bat"man dekh"!

The willow ,
with that stiff upper lip,

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