Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Guavas For Peace

My friend Braja Sorenson , of Mayapur, Bengal, recently posted  these photos of guava sellers . 

Two fellows,  across 7 years and about  2000 kms apart.  The one of the left, selling guavas in Kolkata , in 2009 , and the one on the right , in Udipi, in the South, in 2016.  

If guavas were in fashion,  this would have won a prize from some ad authority.

She clicked both these photos !

United in their  brilliantly perceptive  shirt colors,  dedicated to guavas ,  all unknown to each other , they stand, as a shining example , of the peace loving ordinary person ,  despite their tendency to cut and add masalas in the guavas.  

But there is a deeper meaning. 

In a world,
the crookedest
and powerful
a pristine white
across the land;

in a world were
is forced on those
who must prove their faith
from head to toe;

in a world where
saffron and green ,
red white and blue ,
are not just colors
but allegiances,
and reasons for clashes;

do celebrate this
Brotherhood of Guava Sellers.

At the end of the Day,
we get to eat the delicious guavas,
and no one even asks
if the popular guavas 

 are communal or secular.

National Guavas For Peace.

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