Monday, October 3, 2016

What a Good Earth !

My friend Amit Amembal, maintains a veritable garden in his balcony , and often posts photographs of brilliant blossoms and flowers and cactus arrangements . He recently posted this photograph .

"What is so special?" you may ask .   

What is special is that we are now celebrating the festival of  Navratri .  One of the older rituals associated with this festival is the sowing of "Navdhanya" or nine pulses on the first day , and celebrating their  sprouting  every day , as the different shoots come out .   The Navdhanyas are also associated with worshipping the nine planets , with each grain associated with a particular planet.

This photograph is a very evocative image of growth , diversity , and nurturing.

And clearly , has a message ....

Fluttering baby greens
connected to Mother Earth,
imbibing every
nutritious, virtuous, kind gene,
the ability to co-exist
with green children of other mothers,
all powered
by a brilliant morning sun.

When will we learn ?

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