Saturday, November 21, 2009

Cutting chai at dawn....

Cutting chai, and this post by Kavi

(photo by Kavi)
An externally darkened
boiling angrily
some water,
with attitude
and noise,
on a kerosene stove.

Some leaves
dedicating their aroma
to the erupting water,
sweetened with
some sugar,
all awash in
the milk
of human kindness,
the corner chaiwalla
gets operational
at dawn.

Opaquely clear glasses
waiting for
the nectar to pour;
he lifts and strains
the bronzed, gingered
cardamomed nectar
and pours it
cutting the stream
into two glasses...

Cutting chai,
one always shared
in two glasses,
and some smiles
shared with the
as the sun appears on the scene
demanding his share....


  1. :)

    I read that post on Kavi's blog... u know, for me the best tea is the one made by my matter at what time I go to meet her, I have to have mom made tea...

    and I am familiar with so many good tea joints as well as tapris in Mumbai thanks to my love for tea :)

  2. Neha,

    Thanks for the comment. This thing about commenting in verse just grew and grew and finally I ended making this separate blog to store them. Thats why you get to read them twice :-)

    And yes, I used to know what a Mom's tea is. Something wonderful, in addition to water milk, tea and sugar..... isnt it ?

  3. totally agree :)

    n I am sure you must be making a wonderful tea too...the description here says it all :))