Thursday, November 5, 2009

Smell the Coffee !

Some photos say a thousand words. Some inspire a few words, twelve thousand miles away.
A comment inspired by Sylvia's latest photopost !

A thousand busy souls
up at dawn,
at a dark sky
shutting off
the alarm
that says
Welcome to a new day.

And she
springs up,
warm in the kitchen,
toasting here,
boiling there,
a few wonderful cups,
bringing a flavour
to a semi dark dawn.

Curtains apart,
she glances
at the sky
and inhales....

The aroma
of the coffee
palely pink
in steam
through the sky
Good morning !
Great coffee , aint it ?"....


  1. I have been reading ur comments on Kavi's post for quite sometime, and used to wonder each time how fabulously you say simple things poetically...I have been even reading ur posts silently and not leaving comments, as I could never find apt words for ur posts...but couldn't stop myself today...loved this one like all the others I have read so far..

  2. Neha Thank you. Sylvia has such wonderful photos on her blog and they are a great inspiration to someone who is habituated to seeing, say, potholes,traffic,dust and cops most of the time. :-)

  3. Redolent of the smell of filter coffee and the freshness of the morning. Lovely.