Friday, November 27, 2009

French Beans maiden century....

Nov 26, 2009 : French Beans, 100 Rs a kilo.....

Once resident
in the rich black soil
with a smattering
of white
cupped amidst a
holding green
close to earth,

the cauliflower
now sits,
third from the top.
next to the beans,
at a roadside stall
by the moustachiod

Ladies clamouring
for the rates,
and the french beans ,
look disdainfully
at the cauliflower,
in superiority,
as the
bhindi and cabbage
face the searching fingers
of the desperate
worried women;

The cauliflower
has had its day.
Beans ?
The Bhaiyya,
raises an eyebrow
and glances
at the lady ...
"Rs 25 quarter kilo";
His words fall,
the prices don't
a few faces fall,
the needs don't;

Let the
beans and cauliflower
slug it out.
Some brown
hurt patches
on the latter
and the
lady says,
Its time to get back
to the spinach,

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