Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sensible wonderful greening....

This wonderful photograph by Sylvia in her photopost inspired this.

(photographs by Sylvia Kirkwood)

The school
in the woods,
The green little
elementary schoolers,
crowded together
on the slope
the path of learning.

Slightly older
middle schoolers,
hanging around,
in clumps of green,
a bit
down the slope......
The younger ones
looking expectantly
a possible sweet fruit
in life
as they descend
picnic style
to the sea.

But it's the
high school types,
tall lanky
and independent,
stauesquely proud,
overlooking all
and their childishness....

Till they spy
a wayward tree,
under some pressure....
"hold on,
lean on me",
one says;
"you cant go astray;
We seniors
set an example,
and the little ones follow..."

Sensible greening
makes for a
wonderful life !

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