Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rocking in the Sun

(Photo by Sylvia Kirkwood)

Snuggled around,
fluidly blanketed,
and water eroded
they lie
Amidst some weeds,
and possible
hiding fish,
safe, and away
from the cares
of a world.

But for some
it's about learning
how to live
the ebbing starts;
touching and shying away,
leaving you
and yours,
however young and green,
to face bravely,
a drying, pleasant,
yet warm,
sometimes comforting,
morning Sun.


  1. You always make my day! I'm so glad the photos inspire your beautiful words! It means a great deal to someone who had never had anything but a disposable camera and only took photos -- maybe on a trip. Thank you!


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