Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wrapping it all up....

My friend Sylvia, does a photo blog, and once, every so many days, she does an Alphabet thing, where you show photos of stuff beginning with a particular alphabet. She did "F" for Fish Tacos.

The ensuing visuals , with all that cilantro and what I thought, was hot green habanero sauce waiting to be slathered on, inspired this , in me , a vegetarian:

(Photo by Sylvia)
The two
on the outside
so wrapped up
in themselves;

Shredded peppers
carrot slivers
streaks of onion
falling over each other
in delight
all whispering and gossiping
nestled amidst
cilantroed fish,
emerging from
a lashing of sauce.......

The middle one,
a bit older,
shoulder wide open.
The peppers
and onions,
and carrots,
Patience !
Life is more spicy
when enjoyed with
a green sauce
and a squeeze
of lemon...


  1. Between the two of us we've gotten a bunch of people hungry for fish tacos!!! Have a great day!


  2. Well thankfully Suranga is vegetarian, so she's managed to get me inspired for something of the same! Nice inspiration though Sylvia!