Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thundering Social Resposnsibility

New high-flying concepts based on old things.

(Photo by Sylvia Kirkwood)

white haired seniors
tagging behind
the cool yuppies
dark with intent,
a few blondes
to the side;

The seniors
need to push,
the yuppies,
dense with
condensed thoughts,
crowded in lethargy.

And as they wander
high above the earth
the going ons below,
a senior spies
a few parched lands,
gives some yuppies
a push,
to say,
"Corporate Social Responsibilty
becoming Rain
for those that
look up to you,
parched and arrid....."

They rumble,
and grumble,
then again,
there's a flash
of realization,
and they
pour down in torrents....

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