Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A design for living....

A commentary on the traditional design for living, in a simple wonderful world.....

(photos by Kavi Arasu, taken in Madurai)

He breaks out
beyond the hills,
in the gilded rays,
rapidly pushing
aside the clouds,
to look down
on what
lies in wait....

Damp cleaned earth,
early aromas
that please
mixed with
the heady ones
of sandal, jasmines,
burning wicks,
and filter coffee.

And He watches,
enraptured, as the
lady in a crisp cotton,
to regulate
the rice flour dots
as they slip through
her thumb and index finger.

Dots in lines,
an artistic turn around one,
figures of eight
joining others,
celebrating the
in a disciplined life....

A sprinkle of color,
and the beauty
of it all
the Sun,
trying now
to hide behind a cloud,
cooling the garden
as a slight breeze
floats by to watch.

The lady,
adjusts her glasses,
holds her back
and gets up.
It's another day,
another design
by Him above.

Connecting the dots
Following the lines,
filling color
where none exists....
Life must go on.


  1. Seems like given few minutes, you can write a poem on anything . Really appreciable.

    Actually I wanted to post comment for your poem on Sania-shoaib. But I am not able to ( all I can see is white square with no place to comment). I liked the short and sweet manner you have written it. But the poor fat lady should not be blamed . She has suffered a lot and she has every right to fight for her rights and beliefs she stood for soo many years.