Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"Thelithopther" Life Stages for Seniors....

A grandfather (retired after a long stint with a paint company) , out for a walk with his granddaughter, amazed at her observations, gets wistful, thinking about a "Thelithopther", that the little girl wants to see... More here....

A thousand moons
ago , maybe,
he ,
a Star,
looked wide eyed
at trains
rumbling by
as he walked to school,
a stone here,
waving a stick
at a branch,
troubling a
resting dog.

Only to
rise and twinkle
at college
and then ,
in life and work
a Whorl of Color
a Rangoli of Words.

Today's stars,
still learning
to mix
the Colors of Life,
their minds,
like the birds,
to fly...

And they stand
on the shoulders
of the Older Stars,
enjoying the blue,
and the white,
and the green,
a Thelithopther Life,
a wonderful exciting
applauded rise
with a rotating vision
taking it all in
while streaking through
a sunny morning...

Old Stars don't set;
Their shoulders are the
Cape Canaveral
for the new
Rising Stars.....

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