Monday, September 20, 2010

A Pewter Sunset

Please read this post of Kavi's, to see some brilliant commentary and amazing photos of Konkan, the coastal beauty of Maharashtra. And this collection on FB.

The pale silver-gold in the photo reminds me of very old worship utensils, freshly cleaned . The metal was then so pure....and stayed that way always.

(photo by Kavi Arasu)
स्वच्छ घासलेले
थोडेसे पाण्याचे थेंब राहिलेले
जुन्या चांदीचे जड ताम्हन
पृथ्वी जेव्हा
चमचमणारा ढगांचा पदर
दोन्ही खांद्यावर घेउन उभी राहते
साक्षात सूर्य निरांजनात
उतरून समुद्राला ओवाळतो ......

A freshly scrubbed
old pewter
puja thali
at dusk,
the last drops of water,
held up in prayer
by a golden Earth,
the gilt edged clouds
decorating her sari pallu
lying primly
her shoulders.

The Sun,
cant help
but be the flame
in the puja lamp,
the earth
sings praises of the Ocean.....