Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Sky KalaSangeet Sammelan

She looked out from her balcony in Chennai and saw this. See here for some extraordinary sunset photos by UmaS.

Occasionally, you also see images and hear the music in the skies...

(photo by UmaS)
The Sky KalaSangeet Sammelan
"on "
365 days a year
has some special

A Ghanshyaam Sundara Sridhara
Arunoday at Dawn,
amidst jasmines,
cleaned copper skies
and sandalwood.

An Aakash Todi
man made Pushpaks
streak through the skies
during a hot day,
encountering a Megh here,
a Malhar there

And then late
the chirping
of the birds
has died down,
the winds have stilled,
she comes out onto her balcony
to see and hear
a brilliant
Sunset Bhairavi
by Zakir,
shaking his mop of hair
in sheer delight,
as he gestures
and acknowledges
a celestial dhun
being sung up there in the Skies....


  1. Isnt it wonderful ???? The view from my balcony sometimes, overwhelms me... :) I always visit my balcony with a camera in hand..what if there is a fantastic display of clouds and lights, I dont want to miss a moment to click it. :)

    And thanks for giving music to this picture, through the ragas... :) :) Bhairavi is one of my favs... :)

  2. I go totally awww over the beautiful lines u pen down Surangaji. I might not leave a comment here often, but I do read each one of them :) Just thought of leaving a comment and letting u know :)

    Just wish one of my posts will inspire u enough to pen down something for me some day ;)

  3. My fav Bhairavi MS amma. :)

  4. Wow..words as beautiful as the picture.

  5. Umas Thank you . Will check out the MS amma link...

    Swaram Thank you. This blog started because I started commenting on visuals (which speak to me ) in verse. I will check out your blog frequently....and surely do a poem for you !

    Dr . Antony Thank you !