Monday, September 6, 2010

Slices of Modern Life

Some folks take the strangest photos. And then they ask , "Tells a story. Or does it ? What say you ?".

Don't know about stories, but there seems to be a message.

(photo by Kavi Arasu from his album "General Slices")

Well set
and comfortable
she sat,
with a side glance
at the glowing screen;
...a sigh,
a deep breath,
and she turned away
just in time,
to see
the agitated one,
flapping his wings
and trying
to get
his message across to her.

"Guess what !
before this chap
logged out,
I just checked,
and he was
actually Twittering,
just like we did....
but ours
was more romantic,
na ?...."


  1. Oh, how fun, Suranga! I love it, as I do all of your lovely, fun words! Have a wonderful day, my friend!


  2. yes, I read it at the "original source" too. funny thing - I was more amused by facebook log in page