Monday, June 20, 2011

Bare, tough, and powerful . Unfortunately.

This photo of what he calls "eagles of tomorrow" is by young Adityavardhan Paranjape, who is in Junior College (12th grade). I have known him since he was born :-)

He frequently accompanies his father Prasad Paranjape , on photography trips to various Wild Life Sanctuaries across India. You can see some more of Aditya's photographs here.

I often think, all these inadvertently clicked photos have something to tell us.

My take.:

(photo by Adityavardhan Paranjape)
Some are conspicuously
firmly spreading
the available space,
their weight around.

And some
are the
mass of twigs,
haphazard but together,
helping balance
each other,
across crossings
in their
unpredictable lives.

You would think
this would be
a home
for some
peace loving,
simple minded,
public singing birds.

But no.
No peaceful green,
No pliable green branches
No innocent flowers.
And no fruits
of truthful labor.

Today's' world
is such,
that only
the predator birds
stand threateningly
at all life's junctions,
powered by the
might tree....


  1. that was a deep message. and yes, loved aditya's photographs! :)

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  3. I just tried to comment using my regular Explorer browser and it refused to let me comment. I had to open up your blog using Firefox. I've been having such trouble with the new Updated Explorer and Blogger.

    I just wanted to say that I've noticed your intriguing profile picture on Sylvia's blog and it always made me smile. I'm so very pleased to meet you.

    I see that you write very lovely and profound poetry.

    Thank you so much for your kind words.