Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The eternal walk....

My blogger friend Harekrishnaji, was actually thinking of something else when he spied this visual , possibly on the outskirts of Pune. As he mentions in his blogpost, he had visions of the most immortal couple in Hindi Movies /Bollywood (Raj kapoor and Nargis) and their popular song in the rains.

But there are always folks who think differently and spoil the party . By looking at it with a completely different set of spectacles....

(The poem happened first in Marathi. The English effort follows....)

(photo by harekrishnaji)
पायाखाली रखरखीत जमीन ,
काहीतरी उगवल्याचा भास देणारे गवत,
आणि आई पृथ्वी,
निळ्या आभाळाच्या छत्राखाली
थोडा गारवा अनुभवत
संथ पायपीट करते ....
घरातला मिळवता सूर्य
तिला त्याच्या मागे मागे
आणि भोवताली फिरवतो ;
आयुष्ताले ऋतू बदलतात ,
कधी तो तळपतो ,
की कोणाला ग्रहण लागतं,
कधी तो तिचे श्रम ओळखून
ढगामागे तोंड लपवतो ....
पण ती
चालतच राहते, ती चालतच राहते ......

She traverses
the sparse,
barely green,
tough and arid
Mother Earth,
a divine blue
sky umbrella.

The "earning" Son
makes her follow him
even around him.

Seasons of Life change,
burning hot,
with eclipsed wishes,
and sometimes,
he realizes the
value of her
unending efforts,
and bashfully hides
behind a cloud....

But Ma Earth,
she keeps on moving,
moving, moving,
in her space....

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