Saturday, June 4, 2011

Trees, Humans, and the obsession with color

Our lives are sometimes complicated due to preponderance of color . And sometimes trees explain it better.

If we only listened.....

(image courtesy Google)
Much later
along the
Road of Life,
they stopped
at the Big Tree,
admired the Land,
and the expanse of green
in approval
at it all.

Spying the
younger one
in her own
different green
further ahead,
they stopped,
and asked
the Big one ,
"Does that land belong to you too ?"

And the Big tree
shook her head
in disgust
and despair
and said,
"the same land,
the same water,
the same Sun
the same benevolence
of Nature,
just because the little one
is a darker green,
how does it matter whose land it is ?

Or are you one of those
who is
always looking
for grass that is greener...?"


  1. beautiful sentiments, so applicable to our days

    thank you for the lovely poem you left at my site
    funny you chose the 3rd photo, it is my favaorite :)