Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Chugging out of Hampi.....

My blogger friend Deepak Amembal  recently went on a trip to photograph the ancient ruins of Hampi in Karnataka.   This is a view of the Rama temple, where the entire Ramayana epic is depicted in visuals , on the walls of the temple, in three tiers.

This is also the only temple situated in the core of the royal zone, between the residential and ceremonial enclosures.  That the Ramayana should be depicted for the guidance of the rulers, is significant.  

I also see something else on top of the temple. A message to us. Again possibly meant for "royals" between "current"  ceremonial and residential royal enclosures...

They knew it
back in the fifteenth century.

The Rama temple in Hampi,
sculpted friezes
in three tiers
along the walls.
showing Ramayana life,
its good moments
and its bad,
and the victory
of the good
over the machinations
of the evil.

With sanctums,
halls and porches,
much like our railway stations.

Way up,
looks like a
railway engine,
with deities carved out front,
and chugging out
of the steeple concourse,
loaded with knowledge,
travelling to the 21st century.

Bringing Knowledge
on living,
behaviour, respect
and peace.

Kya Karein.

Thanks to our
Kalyugi rulers
the destination platform
is in shambles.....


  1. Mother, only you know how to crash the message in the last para and make history stand face up before us!