Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Bozoical Success !

With the nation's election fever catching on, and Bozo , the city's leading blogger dog,  realizing that the World's largest democracy has something to offer him too,  there was some serious action regarding the USAThe United Schwaan*** Association (USA), the latest party to register  with the Selection Commission.

Spearheading the campaign for a quieter Divali has been a successful time for Bozo.

Here he is, posing against the Divali lights......  (Bozo's official portrait; he knows all great statesmen pose in profile, hands on chin;  hands down , is the current fashion. )

it's the oncoming elections,
it is the
impossible rise
in the costs of everything,
but we fellows
had had it up to there,
and decided to do something.

A few months ago
I was staying with friends
(when my folks flew
to a far off place to
look up my childhood best friend);
we formed
the USA,
United Schwaan Association,
and I was appointed
the National General Secretary
(Golden types become Chairperson).

Thanks to our representation
and woofing aloud,
this year
there is a decrease
in the
mindless bursting of
high decibel fireworks.

What a pleasure,folks,
to be able to pose against
the Deepavali lights
and not
have to hide
under the Diwan...

P. S.
The powers in their wisdom
had suggested
noise barriers,
a la BKC;
but we
told them
that they would
simply become light barriers,
and the USA rejected the proposal.

Yay! Happy Divali !

***  Schwaan ~  sanskrit for dog

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