Monday, November 11, 2013

Getting your feet wet.....

Marshy mangrove land , in Sewree, along Mumbai's eastern seaboard, is a heritage stopover for visiting flamingoes during the year, when the Mumbai folks often photograph them in their many splendoured pale pink ballet like movements as they peck around in the wet sand, in the sort of numbers that would make election meeting managers jealous.

Amidst all these elite visits, what goes on uninterrupted is the regular visits of the local birds, down to earth, in Black and White. As clicked by my friend Deepak Amembal below, at dawn , in Sewri.

Like the common man in Mumbai, it is all about getting up at dawn, getting ready, worshipping the Sun God, and getting on with the day's routine.

The dawn of civilization,
and my universe
no ether in space
or firing spacecrafts,
but just
swirling waters,
rotating around me,
as sands
slip through the sieve of time.

We fellows
don't ever go to the
Moon or Mars;
We flit from sandy shoal
to jutting rock,
to tree branches,
and once in a  while
we simply like to get our feet wet
before we worship
the Rising Sun.....


  1. This is so beautiful!! Just what I needed this evening. Thank you! Have a wonderful week!!