Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Inclusive and Exclusive Growth

My Fb friend Nirupama Sundar posted a photograph of what happened when a few groundnuts fell accidentally into a pot where some mint was growing. Two months down the line, she harvested what you see below.

 No, it wasn't minty groundnuts, or groundnut leaves with minty flavors. No nonsense folks like groundnuts , simply learn from where they end up falling, do their best, and get on with living, the way they are supposed to.  No attitudes, No fuss, just a getting on with what they were meant to do in life, in the best way they can.

That's why no one talks about Nishkaam Karma in the vegetable world.  They live it.

Those like us,  just discuss, talk, lecture about it.

And yes, some of us also write poems......   

with special places
to grow,

end up green,
and presumed upright,
unconcerned about
what lies below their
exalted feet.

Some slightly
willful types,
demand lots of
special foods feeding,
morning and evening sprays
and end up
simply fair and lovely,
with more show than substance.

And some
really wander
far and wide,
where hands and pockets go;
sometimes they escape
to see the world,
and then
become one with the new home,
settling down,
enjoying the new world,
and when its time to move again,
they bring along their fresh pink kids,
wrapped in muddy brown,
"Chalo, you at least got to experience this, na ?
This will help you
when you get roasted and shelled
and even crushed......
Remember, its Nishkaam Karma !"


  1. Philosphy in a potted plant!!! I love this!

  2. A wonderful example of Nishkama Karma. There is a poem in Tamil that says, man should be having the attitude of a Coconut tree - whatever water it is fed, it gives a pure, nourishing Water from its seed! I see a nice parallel here - Loved reading the poem. Sundar - Nirupama's husband