Monday, November 11, 2013

Chupke Chupke....

Here is a wonderful recent click, by my friend Anand Amembal, a doctor by training and a  wonderful nature photographer ,  from his trip to Uran, on Mumbai's eastern seaboard, across the creek. 

(Makes me wonder if there is a certain connection between Amembals, photography, birds, insects, flowers, and  other wonderful things in nature. I know 3 such Amembals)

Look closely, and you will notice that this is  not an accidental picture of dried branches and stuff,  but a wonderful example of grasshopper camouflage.

Maybe these are  the inspiration for certain folks in public life, that we notice, who are so good at pretending to be what they actually not.

Presumably dull
in appearance,
but focused

amidst the Brownian chaos,
he knows where
to look,
for support systems,
as he establishes himself
on the main path,
and dabbles
with touch here,
a poke there,
using a multifaceted proboscis,
trying to "drink" in
and absorb
as much as possible,
all the while
he is as inert
as a corrupt type in power.

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