Friday, November 14, 2014

Hanging around......

For a little girl, who , as a young kid, thought sitting cross legged in 15 feet of water in a pool was fun, this must have been child's play.  She had then earned the wrath of the life guard at the pool.

I am not sure you are supposed to leave your hands like this . Always thought you were supposed to clutch the cables with an expression of terror on your face.

 She herself is actually an excellent photographer. They always tell their subjects to smile.  I guess when it is their own turn, they just grin......

Maybe times have changed. 

And maybe , the greens all around , peering through the brown, have something to say ....

एक लक्ख सकाळ ,
डोंगर दरयात विहार्णारे असंख्य पक्षी
उन्हे डोक्यावर आलेली ,

मधूनच एक थंड वार्याची झुळुक ,
आणि अचानक
एका शिखरावरून दुसर्या कडे
दोरखंडावरून घसरत कुणीतरी जाते काय,
दोन्ही हात सोडून
मजेत हसते काय,
कोणीतरी तिचा फोटो काढते काय ,
आणि हे सगळं बघून
कड्या कपारीतून , दगड चिरांमधून ,
हिरव्या साड्या लेउन,
डोक्यावर पदर घेउन ,
इतक्या सगळ्या बायका
"अगोबया ! , जर बेतानी गं !"
अस म्हणत
माना हलवतात काय !
A cool and clear
sunny morning,
birds and their ilk
flitting across valleys;
a noon Sun
tolerating an occasional cool breeze
wafting across;
what do you say
about someone
sliding suddenly across
attached to cables,
then going hands-free
to give a delighted smile,
to someone else sliding along,
photographing her...

And all the while,
so many ladies in green,
peering through
the rocks and crevices
wrap the green palloos
around their heads,
shake their heads
in wonder
and say , "Aiiyo ! Be Careful, Girl!".......

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