Saturday, November 15, 2014

The MahaDiet Wars Circa 2014

When someone who is a walking, talking, driving, encyclopedia on popular Food places and traditional foods across Maharashtra, is faced with spending time at the Nature Cure set-up  , Nisargopchar Ashram at Uralikanchan, a haven for simple sattvic food,   and an  ayurvedic lifestyle, anything can happen.

An initial acceptance, then slow seeds of intolerance, a desperate  pining for Spices,
and a harking back to the "Good" food days. 

All this in a running war with the Satvik Food Party.... 

But these are nor ordinary Mahabharata wars.

They are  the Uralikanchan Diet Wars.

And the possibility of a Diet Geeta emerging did exist.  For a while at least....

Read on .

सन २०१४ मध्ये
उरळीकांचन येथे झालेले महा आहार्युद्ध …

एकीकडे गांधीयन तत्वांशी एकनिष्ठ राहून
नाचणीच्या भाकरया ,
स्वच्छ चेहेर्याच्या
बिनामेकप्च्या कोबीबाई ,
फेर आणि लवली न लावता
नम्रपणे एकीकडे पानात बसणार्या
फ्लावरा बेन ,
ताटक्षेत्रात विखुरलेल्या,
साधे पणाची शपथ घेतलेल्या तोंडल्या,
आणि अचानक आलेले
कडु काढ्याचे पोट वादळ ….

मिठाचा विरह सहन न झाल्यामुळे
मसाले वाल्यांच्या वाटाघाटीत
सामील झालेले राजाभाऊ ,
कुणा एका तिखट मिरचीला भुलून
युद्ध सोडून देण्याचा निश्चय करतात काय,
वहिनींचे उत्तम सारथ्य न जुमानता
रथ सोडून बाहेर पडतात काय ,
आणि मिसळपाव,श्रीखंड ,बटाटेवडे
अश्या कौरवी मंडळींच्या नादि लागून
दुसर्या एका रथात बसून
मुम्बापुरीत परततात काय !

इथे श्रीकृश्णाने डायट गीता सांगायला सुरु केली,
तर अर्जुन चक्क गुल ?
The Great
UraliKaanchan Diet Wars,
Circa 2014....

On one side,
Nachni Bhaakrees,
in a principled Gandhian stand,
along with Miss Cabbage,
clean scrubbed,
devoid of makeup,
while a pale Caulifloweraben
devoid of
Fair and Lovely accoutrements
sedately sits
to one side;

And then some young Tondlis,
all in pieces,
stoic in their promise
of simplicity,
just wondering
about the bitter Kaadhaa concoction
that just passed by them
to create havoc in the innards.

On the other side,
an opposition,
led by Rajabhau,
after the loss of the Salty Lass,
almost giving in
to the Masala plotters,
and blindly following
the come hither gestures
of Lady Mirchi.

And then
what do you say
about a Rajabhau,
who abandons
his Champion Vahini Charioteer,
and the war,
and walks away
with the villanous Misal pao,
Shrikhand, and Batata vada
only to drive away
in another 4-wheel chariot
led by himself ?

Krishna trying
to explain the Diet Geeta,
and Arjun ,
nowhere to be found ?

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