Sunday, February 1, 2015

Coming of Age in Athirapally....

There are some clicks that capture something more than images.  And some of these speak a million words.

Like this totally amazing capture, by my friend Shail Mohan,  from her trip to Athirapally, in the Thrissur district on the Southwest coast of India.

A mother, experienced in the ways of the world, advising her young daughter as she comes of age and ventures out into what she probably thinks, is a great place.

One is not privy to the content and language of this conversation,   but the faces say it all.  

And when you go out
into their world, girl,
be sure

you travel quick and fast.

Trust no homo sapien , girl,
and refuse his
offer to be friends.

They are a breed
that will disrespect you, girl,
disfigure you,
and kill you,
even before you are born.

They always call us
junglee, girl,
without knowing
that we have laws,
and we follow them,
and we look out
for our own.

How very ironic, girl,
that this old Ma
must warn you against
who think they have the law,
and we have the jungle,
when in reality
it is exactly the opposite.....


  1. Both the capture and the interpretation are priceless. Or did you divine Shail's intent while capturing the duo, for that is exactly what she might have been thinking too, I guess.

    1. Zephyr, I saw this photo minutes after it was posted last night, and the first sense was that of hurt in support of the young one. Then the words poured out. Shail is so talented ...

  2. This is one of your best interpretations, Suranga!

    1. Shail, thank you. And this was one amazing click; I wonder if the two were aware ....