Thursday, February 26, 2015

Kiska Raastaa ?

My friend , Deepak Amembal recently completed a three country , 3 month motorcycle trip along with his friend Aditya Raj Kapoor.  He recently posted this photograph from their ride in the State of Orissa (on the eastern coast of India), which is actually depicts a situation that is seen across India,  on roads, or otherwise.

As Deepak titled his photo , " Big trucks drive motorcycles off the road .."

Big powerful types, with a blatant disregard for rules, riding rough shod, over ordinary folks who have a strange inclination to follow rules, pay taxes, endlessly wait, and sometimes hear questions like "Kya ye #$@#$ ka raasta hai ?"  

Sometimes, the dog may possibly have a better solution.

Big lumbering folks
carrying every one's expectations,
soon lose sight
of balance
in living,
as they
disobey rules,
hog every square foot,
defy instructions,
all the while thinking,
they now have power.

Till they meet,
a smaller citizen,
carrying his own loads
and worries,
following all the rules
the country
laid down for him,
and who keeps to the left
within bounds
waiting to move ahead
in the world.

At some point,
the biggies learn,
and let the smaller types pass.

That's our story.

Smaller folks,
following rules.

Bigger ones,
pushy and careless,
guaranteed a space .

And because
we are a democracy,
even a dog has a choice .....

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