Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Udeedaa Daughters....

Along with humans, I think meduwadas also have a mind.  I think they have also evolved, and keep up with the world.

In the old days, it was desirable to be perfectly round, brilliantly golden, and traditionally respectful , to the  chutneys and saambaar lined  up  alongside.

Today, the meduwadaas are imperfect in shape, but make up for that in spirit.  Joyful in spicy makeup,  posing for someone who will later eat them, as they go down spiritedly fighting with the chutneys, a dimpled smile on their face.

Made these because the daughter likes them.  Their last appearance on Facebook and Instagram happened, before she dug into them....

उडीदा बाईच्या मुली ,
सकाळी सकाळी
मिरची आल्याचा साज्श्रुन्गार करून
काळ्या मिर्याचा टिक्का लाउन
कढीपत्याचे अत्तर उडवून
स्वतःला गरम तेलात झोकून काय देतात ,
मग सोन्याने मढवलेल्या जणू
झळाळत बाहेर काय येतात,
आणि कुणा एका कॅनन ला बघून
स्मित करताना
त्यांच्या गालाला खळ्या काय पडतात …

बिचार्याना काय माहित ,
त्यांच्या भविष्यात
चटणीशी दोन हात करत
कोणाच्या तरी पोटात जाणे
लिहिले आहे ,
ते सुधा
फेसबुक वर 

 Daughters of the
Udeeda Bai ,
in an early morning
spicy makeup session,
studded with
chilly ginger blush-on
a black pepper beauty spot,
and a spray

of their favourite
Kadhipatta perfume...

A wild leap
into hot oil,
a golden bronze facial,
the wonder of
their deep dimples
as they smile
for Lady with the Canon..

Famous last smiles.

They are destined
to go into
a Canonite stomach,
fighting bravely
with the Chutneys.

It says so,
that too ,
on Facebook ....


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