Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The Young, the Bald, the Beautiful

February 4th, 2015 is World Cancer Day.   We remember and honor all  cancer survivors, fighters, and those brave hearts that are no longer amidst us today.

"Hair for Hope" is the signature fundraising event of the Childrens Cancer Foundation.

A young girl, Rhea , all of 12 years, two generations younger to me , and daughter of one of my young friends in Singapore, has pledged  to donate all her hair and go bald , on March 20, 2015, during the "Hair for Hope" event at her school, to raise awareness of the disease as well as encourage donations.

Do check the post here  to find out how you can help and encourage.

A congregation
of slim young protein filaments,
shining cascading black
brilliantly agog
to other filaments
at the
International Keshsaambhaar Conference.

And amidst
those filaments,
painfully misty eyed over
heat treatments,
unnatural colors,
assorted wild snipings,
and twisting their lives
into tired curls,
there are some proletarian types,
divided and united in plaits,
and occasionally
arm twisted into buns
with decorations,
and some,
who stand enchanted
by how they photograph
and look
as hair blows about their face
thanks to unnatural blasts of air.

And then
quietly strong
away at another session,
millions and trillions of them,
held together
by sheer bands of
young dedication,
gratefully descending
onto a young shoulder,
patting it,
and sliding down
to rest against a young back.

A mindful organic mothering
with a coconut oil,
proud to have been a part,
these cascading ones,
playing with
so many combs
so many brushes
so many headbands
so many clips
and so many knots
their lives straightened out,
all very proud
as to where they come from,
and where
they will be travelling soon.

In tribute
For those proteinous filaments
who lost lives
thanks to the collateral damages
in the Therapy Wars,
so that others may live,
these twelve year young
glowing shining ones,
offer themselves,
on March 20 , 2015.

An amazing decision,
by a little girl,
who must know what it is to
let go off something
you value and love so much,
but who wants to do
her own thing
to support
those who faced
a troubled life with Big C,
and never had that choice.

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