Sunday, October 24, 2010

Inhaling at Dawn....

Lakshmi Sharath, fellow blogger, a media professional , a traveller, a travel writer and consultant, recently visited Sikkim in the Himalayas. This was the view at dawn from her room, as she stood warding off an attack of throats, sinuses and sniffles.
Read about it here.

(photo by Lakshmi Sharath/her team)
City throats,
pothole sinuses,
hot water bottles,
and sleep.

all you need
is a whistling thrush
to power your
throat response;
undulating mountains,
deep misty valleys,
earthy rain
and the cleanest
pine air
urging a stuffy sinus
to give up.

A deep breath
a cup
of adrak clovy tea,
and a namaskar*****
to the morning sun
over the mountains....

***** namaskar : Indian worshipful greeting with folded hands

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  1. Such lovely words and perfect for the photo -- which is breathtaking! Lovely way as always to begin my day! Have a great week!