Sunday, October 24, 2010

The tapping finger writes.....

Many years ago, folks traveling in vehicles enjoyed the wind, turned up their noses at the smell of petrol (from a passing car), gawked at something fancy. As a member of the teeming masses, if you waited at a bus stop, you fidgeted, admired fellow travellers of the opposite sex, hoped your watch was running fast, and that the bus came on time.

Today, you are driven in air-conditioned cars, with tinted windows as you stare at a screen in your hand. Bus stops are even more amazing as you appear to be talking to yourself , while you conduct conversations using a hands free phone , and forget the bus.

And with so much of the world around you, in color, you photograph this ?

(photo by Kavi Arasu)

Some ,
such lilly white
clean slates
glowing in innocence;
and some,
...who look
men of letters,
but wait
to do
a number on them....

they do succeed
at making an impression.......

Holy Blackberry !


  1. Ooh... such a clever play on words!

    Lovely read :)
    Thanks for sharing...