Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Sanctuary remembers....

My friend Sylvia is 77 years young, and she enjoys driving her possibly more-than-10-year-old car to the Nature Sanctuary to take interesting photos which she posts on her blog...

Her car kind of expired at the Sanctuary on the visit when she clicked this reflection in the water......

Don't know how she got back home, but here's an ode to the faithful car.....

(photo by Sylvia Kirkwood)
An exponential stoppage
of pistons
in a frenzy
inside geriatric cylinders,
a rotating stop
of the gearbox
and wheels,
she takes
a deep breath,
as she steps out,
patting a tired car....

A whisper,
like a message,
and the GPS
intrigues her....
"Hi ! Sanctuary here !
I've watched you
so many days,
its like,
I know your car;
so do the turtles,
and the ducks,
and some very curious trees,
bending to see you
through the water.....

for the pollen
and milkweed seeds,
do these young folks
ever listen....
they're all over the place !


  1. Wonderful as always! Wish it could have inspired the car, but it is no more, I'm afraid. Hope you have a lovely evening and enjoy the remainder of your weekend! Thank you for your lovely words, as always!!


  2. Imagination,you have more than needed.
    And that is what writers need.