Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Quack quack !

Close to where I live......

This is something between a huge lake and a man made pond; a conference place. The ducks are usually minding their business on the pond side.

Occasionally, they stray into the conference area fronting the lake. Fast learners, they are.....

(photo by Sudhir Bharadwaj)
11 ducks
outside the conference hall;
Two, Quack-plus security types,
escorting the chief guest
on to the lawns,
...while the others
hang around
straining their necks
looking hard for
information to nibble on.....

After all,
what else do you expect
at a Conference
"Global Warming Initiatives
in the time of terrible roads
and the effect on the whiteness of ducks"
Surf Ultra.....:-))


  1. I thought I saw a brown one there. Surf is good for color too!

  2. Good poem to go with the picture..