Sunday, October 3, 2010

Wandering for water....

Anil P. has a wonderful blog called Windy Skies, where he posts great photo travelogues adorned with his very perceptive comments as he communicates with the locals, be it in big cities like Mumbai, or stark backroads in areas less travelled .

Please see his post on this very perennial problem faced by so many women in rural Maharashtra; for that matter, across rural India .....

(photo used by permission of Anil P.)

The thirsty must drink

senseless thirsties
mentally paralysed
by drinking
of a different type....

Some thirsties
are fooled into believing
that a digital id
presented by a lady
and a turbanned man
is the answer...

Some thirsties
simply continuously
for something
that shines
and rustles
in their bottomless pockets

And 60 years and more
for the country,
as well as her,
nothing has changed

The hardy life,
the drunk husband,
the arrid land,
and the long trudge
in the Sun,
to fill the pots
in her life;

and the brightness
that blinds the Sun
is her attitude
that says,
"Karmanye vadhika ****....."

**** this is the beginning of a well known Sanskrit verse from the Bhagwad Gita, that exhorts one to keep working without any thought of the fruits of one's labour; your dedication being the best form of worship of your God ....


  1. Sad and beautiful at the same time. Hope you've had a lovely weekend!


  2. Windy Skies is one of my favorites too.

    It is a sad thing.Even in a place like Kerala,where it is flooded half the year, there is scarcity of drinking water.It is poor management of resources at all levels.Over sixty years,the poor remains the same.Politicians become rich