Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sea moods , human moods......

The Beach Temple of Harihareshwar on the Konkan coast of Maharashtra. Temple platforms for performing the immersion of ashes of your loved ones into the endless sea, waves lapping at the steps. A kaleidoscope of feelings and faces, and then a few hours towards sunset, and a short stretch down the beach, the joy of the young and living.

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(photos by Kavi Arasu)

They run,
bare chested,
in wild abandon,
to fling themselves
in the waves,
that rush
to envelope them
like a
meeting a grandchild
after a long wait.....

Kids of the land
skimming stones
across the
like thoughts
of fun
racing by
only to be
in the waves
of a delighted mind.

And those
gone ahead,
ebbing away
with the tide
amidst prayers,
shrug celestially,
and rain down
a shower of blessings
on the
children of the land,
the green,
the blue,
and someone
who thinks he is old
never stopped being a kid himself.....

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