Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Moon face therapy

I am totally impressed by the number of "young" women out photographing the moon. Earlier , in the Southeastern US and now in the Northwestern US.

My friend Sylvia lurked amidst some trees to capture this. Read and see more here.

(photo by Sylvia Kirkwood)
Dry winds
and crackling leaves
and she looks around
the empty trees,
stark in the dark....

There is a definite chill,
she feels
the roughness on her face,
brownish in patches;
and so she
will sit and pine
and grow thinner
day by day,
a sliver of her old self.

Cloud lotions,
and Christmas flake moisturizers,
coming up soon,
make her smile,
and touch her face again.

There will
soon be
Dancing with the Stars....

The time for Thanksgiving has come.....

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  1. Thatz such a beautiful pic and gr8 lines to go with it :)