Sunday, November 14, 2010

Separating the grains from the chaff....

He is actually in the wrong profession. He sees things we don't see, and captures them in his camera. Sometimes words happen. Sometimes the pictures are the words. See some more of his pictures here.

Sometimes reactions such as these.........

(Photo by Kavi Arasu)
resplendently green
on the plateau,
set way down
from the road
much traveled ,
by those trained
to separate the
dedicated grain
the wayward chaff.

on a sunny noon,
he simply does his magic
lifting the 'Sup',
supported by
the sinewy arms,
shakes and taps
the fruit of
his year's labour,
all trained,
grown and harvested together,
as it falls
grains with grains
chaff with chaff,
unlike us,
so may chaffs
pretend to be grains....


  1. What a terrific capture and your words are perfect as always! Thanks for the blog address, I shall visit there now! Enjoy!


  2. Wow the picture brought back memories when we did all taht .. those were the days trying to get the grain out .. it took hours and hours of work, nowaday thrashers are there ... Alas what a capture loved it ...


  3. Thank you ! yes. The words dont seem to be happening at all for some reason. For now, the pictures are words.

    And nestled in those pictures is the hope friends will see, understand and perhaps read.

    You do all that and more. how can i thank you enough..!?!