Monday, November 15, 2010

Wrapped in Serendipity

There must be something in the air of the Pacific Northwest. So many friends there enjoy creating great images. Rain, who blogs at Rainy Day thoughts , is a person who enjoys various forms of creativity like painting, photography, and writing about dreams, relationships, politics, photography, aging, country living, transitions, our senses (all 6), and spirituality. She lives on her own farm, which gives her a unique perspective and a respect for all things Natural.

This is a painting done by her, related to real people she knows. Read her post to wonder about the Serendipity ....

It inspired this below, 12,000 miles away.....

(painting/artwork/photo by Rain)

as a fit
on life's
jigsaw picture puzzle
they sit,
the little one
leaning back
nuzzling against her
sharing colors
and comfort,
as she
looks out
over the
lapping waves.

Is that her,
ten thousand moons hence,
silvery in the night ?

And the older,
silvery one
trails her fingers
the young flaxen gold,
at the
setting sun
gets lost
as she relives
her girlhood again ...


  1. Beautiful as always and Rain is indeed a very talented and artistic person! Hope your week is off to a great start!


  2. WEll I can jsut sit back and admire .. A beatiful portrait and then to top it up the words you have used ...

    I hope and wish I get inspired to write such lovely words :)


  3. Thank you for using my image and adding to the serendipity of the whole experience with your thoughtful poem